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Stars User Rating Unique!

“I don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, but I really wanted to delay my ejaculation even more, so I can experience maximum pleasure. I decided to try it, so I bought the spray, It turned out to be a great product. I and my partner are very satisfied.”

Kevin Harris



“I had a problem with premature ejaculation, for which I hadn’t told anyone, not even my partner. Somehow I managed to distract her from noticing my problem. And quite by accident I came across some article about the spray. I decided to try the product and I don’t regret it at all.”

Albert Nelson

San Diego


“This spray is unique. At the beginning I was skeptical about it, because I tough it was just another fake delay spray. However, after several uses I felt the difference. My partner is also very happy about using it.”

Thomas Green



“I wasn’t very sure about this spray, which “delays ejaculation”. Anyways, I decided to try it, because I am no longer 20 years old. I also wanted to really satisfy my partner. I don’t regret buying this product. I strongly recommend it!”

David Collins


Very cool!!

“My girlfriend was worried that I “come” too quickly. We both found a solution.”

Joseph Miller



“I needed something to prolong the pleasure. This spray helped me.!”

Andrew Diaz


Stars User Rating Amazing!

“I am astonished by the results of using this spray. I didn’t believe that it can help me deal with my problem. I am thankful to my wife, who supported me in buying and trying this product. I’ve obviously made a great choice about both! So, if you have a problem, don’t hesitate and buy Cupid Spray!”

Steven Cook


Stars User Rating Incredible!

“I was astonished by the results. When you come to a certain age you want to do your best in bed, but it doesn’t work every time. Thanks to this amazing spray I no longer have early ejaculation problems. This product had an amazing effect on my sex life. I sincerely recommend it!”

Daniel Russell



“I really liked how strong the effect was after spraying the delay spray Cupid on my penis. We enjoyed a much longer sex – 35 minutes!”

Jacob Hart


Thank you!

“My husband was doing so bad in bed – I just couldn’t admit that I can’t get to an orgasm at all. I finally got the courage and told him, but that led to a terrible depression. We didn’t have sex for a month, because he felt scared or ashamed, it wasn’t pleasant. I accidently saw an advert of the delay spray Cupid and ordered it. This just changed everything – now he has all the confidence and our marriage is saved. Thank you sincerely!”

Ann Jenkins


Unbelievably good!

“I really didn’t trust that kind of products, especially when they are sold on the Internet, but after my last girlfriend left me with the words “I am not satisfied in bed – I guess we are not for each other…”, I was pretty sure that the problem was in me.  I was so depressed, I met another girl, but I was not feeling ready to start with the sex. When things started getting out of control, I decided to buy something to help in bed. I remembered that I had seen an ad for Cupid Spray, which then I had found very funny. I ordered the product, and it arrived on the next day. I tried it immediately and just couldn’t believe – I lasted for whole 25 minutes in bed …. This is my personal record. After that I bought 3 more sprays so I’ll be equipped for the next months. After I use them all I will 100% order Cupid Spray again. Thank you very much!”

John Sane


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